Billet 4 SVA Range

Pad Specifications:

Pad type

Billet 285

Pad surface area

45.32 cm2

Pad thickness

10.6mm material /   16.1mm total

Pad volume

48.04 cm3


Mount type

Piston depth

Part number

Anodised price exc. VAT

Powdercoated price exc. VAT

Billet 4 SVA 90

90mm bolt ctrs.


B4               SVA90



Billet 4 SVA 140

140mm bolt ctrs.


B4              SVA140



SVA Handbrake Pad

Pad Specifications:

Pad type

SVA Spot

Pad surface area

5.94 cm2

Pad thickness

3.8mm material / 6.7mm total

Pad volume

2.3 cm3

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Line Drawing Hi Spec Billet 4 SVA 90mm Lug Handbrake Caliper

Line Drawing Hi Spec Billet 4 SVA 140mm Lug Handbrake Caliper

Technical Specifications:

Piston size (surface area)

Option 11 ¦ 4 x 41.2mm (53.33cm2)


Option 10 ¦ 4 x 38.6mm (46.81cm2)


Option 8 ¦ 4 x 34.6mm (36.28cm2)


Option 7 ¦ 4 x 31.3mm (30.58cm2)

Piston material

Hard anodised billet aluminium (6082 T6)

Caliper colour

Powdercoat (Black¦ Blue¦ Red¦ Silver¦ Yellow)

anodised (Black¦ Silver)

Body material

6082 T6 billet aluminium

Weight no pads

1639g - 1704g

Hydraulic Thread

 M10 x 1.0

Mounting offset (to rear of disc)


To suit disc diameter (Width)

260mm - 300mm  (10mm - 32mm)

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